A Career for Two, With Empathy – A lab based on empathy

A husband-and-wife team studies the brain areas that allow us to feel what others feel…


 Neuroscientists Christian Keysers and Valeria Gazzola have built their careers on an idea that most of us accept but that is hard to pin down scientifically: that subtle, often-unconscious cues and perceptions—intuitions—offer insight into another person’s feelings and behavior. It’s commonly called empathy


“When we first came across the notion of mirror neurons, and the fact that you don’t really just think about what others do but that you kind of enact it in your own body, that was such a powerful and elegant way to capture this kind of immediate sense of intuition that you have in everyday life,” Keysers says. “It’s our foot in the door of the mind.”


Culture of Empathy Builder: Christian Keysers