7 Weird Facts About Empathy, Because It Depends On More Than You Think

..Over the course of decades, research has turned up all kinds of weird facts about empathy — where it’s regulated, how it works, and what makes some people hide their faces in agony during medical documentaries while others chill out on the couch, stone-faced and more than a little judgmental….


And so, without further ado, here are seven facts about empathy to trot out at parties.


1. Empathetic People Are Quick To Help Others…
2. Painkillers Reduce Your Capacity For Empathy…
3. Your Brain Is Wired To Reflect Emotions…. 
4. Anxiety Levels Influence Empathy…. 
5. There’s An Ethnicity Gap…. 
6. Meditation May Heighten Empathy…
7. …And So Does Reading….