7 Ways to Build Empathy

Peace Learning Center for conflict resolution, diversity training, social emotional learning, and bullying prevention

Building empathy is at the heart of “be the change” – the new exhibit and workshop series located in Peace Learning Center’s lower level.

Empathy plays a critical role in shaping how we interact with each other, animals, and the world around us. It’s of critical importance to all good relationships – personal and professional. Some people may naturally have more of it than others. But, research shows us that it can be learned and practiced.Teachers and parents have the privilege and huge responsibility to teach empathy.

Here are seven ways to be a good empathy influence for the children in your life and set them on the path to be the change for others throughout their lives:

  1. Model caring for others
  2.  Model good listening skills
  3.  Be forgiving
  4. Challenge prejudices and stereotypes
  5. Help them learn to recognize, express, and manage their feelings
  6.  Encourage responsibility