7 Reasons Why Empathy Is Important in a Relationship

Why is empathy so important?

If everyone in the world could empathize with each other, the world truly would be a better place.

It is understandable that hoping for worldwide empathy is a long shot, so why not start slow and learn to empathize with your significant other?

Here are 7 glaring reasons why empathy is very important in a relationship, and why you should be practicing this virtue.

#1 Bridge the divide. 

#2 Give each other attention. 

#3 Bring out the positive. 

#4 Compassion is practiced.

#5 Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

#6 It teaches patience.

#7 Work on your flaws…

Self-awareness and a non judgmental attitude is needed before you can properly empathize with someone. Look within yourself and find the strength to be less selfish and more understanding and you are well on your way to connecting better with your loved ones.

 By Lianne Choo