6 Ways Beloved Leaders Demonstrate Strength and Empathy

Insensitive leaders are tolerated in good times but only empathetic leaders can be confident the team will rally in crisis.

Often I am asked if empathy is a desirable leadership trait. My response is always emphatically “yes!”. Empathetic leaders motivate others by cultivating relationships.

In this Harvard Business Review article, theHappy Warrior is the leader who combines empathy and strength. However, it’s a rare breed of leader who does this intuitively.

Leaders naturally fall into one of two categorizes — task-focused leaders (warrior) or people-focused leaders (happy).

Task-focused leaders score high on strength. Strength is the nuts and bolts of leadership. It’s the determination and perseverance needed to set a vision into motion and achieve results.

People-focused leaders score high on empathy. They exude warmth and understanding, the human side of leadership. This is how they connect and build rapport with others.