5 Simple Tips to Encourage Empathy In Your Kids

Empathy has so many benefits, both for our kids and for more effective parenting. For instance:

  • Children get along better with other kids because they can put themselves in their shoes.
  • Children learn to regulate their emotions, such as during meltdowns and when they’re over excited.
  • Children can separate other people’s emotions from theirs. For instance, a child may get upset when he sees another child cry. But with empathy, he learns that the other child is the one who really needs help.

Below are effective ways of teaching our kids to show empathy:

  • #1: Create a happy home.
  • #2: Discuss being in other people’s shoes.
  • #3: Highlight common interests and feelings.
  • #4: Mention how their actions affect others.
  • #5: Model empathy…