5 Points for Your Empathy Arsenal

The arguments you need to explain why empathy is a key to life-long learning.


Look no further than the role of empathy in human-centered design, in conflict resolution, in the boardroom—yes, even in the preservation of earth (don’t take our word for it)—and you’ll realize that empathy matters for reasons beyond the fact that learning outcomes improve (though they do: read on). In fact, we’re dedicating an entire site to helping make that case, and to equipping parents, teachers, and everyone in between with the tools they need to practice. But we value what we measure, and when it comes to holding ourselves accountable to educational outcomes, that’s a good thing.

Chances are you don’t have hours and hours to pore through every successive study on the ways in which empathy impacts a teacher’s ability to teach, a student’s ability to learn, and the ability of both to thrive in a rapidly changing world. So we’ve put together a cheat sheet to help you make the case, whether you’re a teacher urging your principal to prioritize play, or a parent deciding what kind of education you really want for your child.

By Lennon Flowers