4 Ways to Raise Empathetic Kids: Make empathy an important lesson in your child’s life.

When a child does something like ask if a person is feeling sick, or if they can help with a task that helps another, give them positive reinforcement. Praise them if they do an unselfish kind act, or they show signs of remorse.


Practice giving compliments to others and validate when they receive a kind word to teach how good it feels to be good to another…

Practicing…Give Perspective…Ethics…Family Time…Make a Difference..




By Corine Gatti


Jim Manske’s insight:
I appreciate the intention to raise empathic kids by making empathy an important lesson for kids. However, I feel deeply concerned for the well-being of the next generation by applying a domination paradigm reinforced by an outdated and anti-empathic Skinnerian psychology of punishment and reward (praise). We can transcend punishment and reward by focusing on needs and authentically express how children’s behaviors that contribute to empathy affect us. What do you think?