4 Surprising Reasons Why Empathy Doesn’t Work With Your Child

4 reasons empathetic parenting doesn’t “work.” 
Hindsight is always 20/20. Looking back on my endless list of situations when empathetic parenting didn’t work, it’s easy to see where I went wrong, and how to “fix” it.

Empathy won’t “fix” screaming.


There is this notion that if your kids are loud or experience intense emotions that you are–in some way–a permissive parent. That you don’t have control of your child.

This is simply not true. Screaming, loud noises, intense emotions andtemper tantrums are healthy part of a child’s development.



Empathy won’t “fix” illogical and impulsive thoughts.

Empathy will help your child process emotion.

Empathy will build your connection with your child.