3 Keys to Raising a Compassionate Child

I remember, in vivid detail, lying on the couch, silently crying after having suffered my second miscarriage. My despair was momentarily halted when my then 18-month-old son came over, rubbed my arm and asked, “Mommy, you OK?” with an imploring look in his eyes. I was surprised by my toddler’s reaction to my outpouring of emotion, and experienced an unbelievable sense of guilt because my son had seen me in such a state.

In retrospect, I’m proud that my son had mastered the concepts of empathy and healing touch at such a young age. The simple act of him reaching his hand out to rub my arm illustrated his grasp of compassion and comforting others. That would not be the last time he would see me cry, and it was the first of many times he would tell me, “It’s OK, Mommy.”

1. Be Present

2. Treat Others With Respect

3. Model Behaviors in Everyday Life

by Lauren Stevens