25 Questions for Cultivating Self-Compassion

As I wrote in this piece on journaling prompts for self-reflection and self-discovery, part of building a healthy relationship with ourselves is keeping an open and honest dialogue. It’s continually asking ourselves questions and welcoming the answers. It’s getting to know ourselves, at our core.

Another part of building a healthy relationship is cultivating self-compassion. But I know that for many of us this is hard. Really hard. Being kind feels foreign, and unnatural. Instead, after many years, our automatic reaction may be to bash, berate and bully ourselves.

Here’s a list of 25 questions to help you take small steps in being kinder to yourself.

  1. How would I like to feel today?
  2. What’s one small step I can take to cultivate this feeling?
  3. What do I need right now?
  4. ….