2016 BIENNIAL: Abject/Object Empathies | Cornell Council for the Arts

The 2016 CCA Biennial focus is on the cultural production of empathy. The upcoming biennial will address the ways in which feeling is form and explore how the objects, buildings, clothing, machines, languages, and images we construct are shaped by our intentional or implicit emotional, interdependent relationship to others.


Whether by framing a connection that already exists or by providing the condition for new connections, what we create can either merely extend our own personal desires, goals, and directives, or can alternatively function as a bridge between who I am and who you are so that aesthetic experiences are interdependent, collaboratively generated and inherently reciprocal.


Inspired by existing oral history archives and student-focused social justice initiatives, this project, conceptualized by Human Development faculty Corrina Loeckenhoff and Anthony Burrow in collaboration with Francois Guimbretiere (Information Science) and Cornell’s Intergroup Dialogue Project, aims to record, archive, and share the everyday stories of Cornellians that evoke racial empathy or the ability to identify and understand the feelings of someone of a different race or ethnicity.