2014 Empathic Individualism Award Recipient

Our first annual Empathic Individualism Award recipient is Tom Atlee, Director of the Co-Intelligence Institute in Eugene, Oregon.

This award is given to individuals who make an outstanding contribution to the understanding and application of empathy in social life with an emphasis of balancing individuality and active caring for others.”’

Tom Atlee is co-director and research director of the Co-Intelligence Institute, and the author of three books – The Tao of Democracy, Empowering Public Wisdom, and Reflections on Evolutionary Activism – as well as many articles in journals. His popular website and his blog include hundreds of his essays and references on dozens of subjects, among them the nature of empathy; the power of truly speaking, listening, and taking all our needs into account; and the necessity for our compassion to be guided by long-term systemic understandings of what generates suffering, sustainability, and authentic quality of life.

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